Google My Business is free of cost Google tool that helps business owners manage their online presence through their search engine and growing portfolio of tools – providing the most significant impact for brands seeking local exposure.

Basics of Google My Business

Google My Business complements your current website by giving your Business a public identity and presence with a list on Google, the world’s most popular search engine. Every Information you provide on Google My Business about your work can appear in Google Search, Google Maps, and on Google+.

Starting your Google My Business Listing

If you don’t have Google My Business listing then first you have to list your Business in that. If your Business already registered, then you will only need to claim it.

Once you claim successfully, you can manage the Information as if you started to insert the GMB yourself years ago.

Visit the Google My Business page to add and claim GMB listings and enter your most important information such as your business name and address to ensure that your Business doesn’t already have a listing you need to claim.

If your Business already listed, then it will notify you. It also informs you when your Business listed by someone else. If this situation happens, you should follow these steps

Fill in the remaining input boxes with your business details, ensuring that everything is grammatically accurate and correct (maximize your business name, street names, etc.) and choose a category for your Business.

Add or Edit Service- Area Business Details

If you want to add or edit your business details, then follow these steps.

First, Sign in to Google My Business account and make sure you are using Card View. For that, go to the card view by clicking the cards icon on the left side above your areas.

  • Choose the listing which you want to manage and click “Manage location.”
  • Click on “Menu”
  • Click the on “Address”
  • after that, select “Yes.”
  • Enter information about your service area. You also can set your service area based on the ZIP codes or cities you serve, or in a specific area around your location.
  • Check the box next to “Serve customers in my business address” if you want your full address to appear on Google and that your business location is staffed and able to receive customers within its specified hours.

Apply to save your changes.

Verifying your Google My Business Listing

Once you’ve provided your business information and service area, you’ll need to verify your listing.

Usually, verification takes less than a week, as Google will send you a postcard for your verification code. Once you receive it, you will verify with the attached code and your Business will be officially available.

Publishing your Google My Business Listing

It’s essential to use all the resources provided by Google My Business in the details of your listing to get the most out of your business locations.

Some essential but critical tips to improve your list:

Enter Complete Data For your Listing

Don’t leave anything to guess or assume; make sure your list connects with potential customers about what your Business does, wherever it is, and how they can get good and services your business offers.

Include Keywords

Google uses a variety of signals to several search results, and including relevant keywords and search terms in your Google My business listing. It is incredibly useful, especially since your business website is listed directly on your GMB list.

Keep Your Business Operating Hours Accurate.

Google provides the ability to allocate hours for holidays and other special events, and should always be used to maintain the accuracy of your site and satisfy users.

Add Images

Images help perform business listings more than most business owners and marketers expect.

Companies with images on their listings receive 42 percent more requests for driving directions on Google Maps and 35 percent more click-through rates on their websites than companies without images, according to Google.

Manage and Respond to Customer Reviews

Dealing with customers by responding to their reviews shows that your Business values its customers and the feedback they leave about them.

Positive reviews give a positive impact on your potential customers when they search for your Business, but make your Business more visible in search results.

Photos for your Google My Business Listing

Your business profile picture should not be the brand logo itself, but for something compelling and inclusive of the brand and what it represents and what it offers.

The image should be in focus and good lighting, without any adjustments or excessive use of filters. The picture should represent reality.

  • All images must follow Google best practices:
  • format: JPG or PNG
  • Size: Between 10 KB and 5 MB
  • Minimum resolution: 720px long, 720px wide


Monitoring Your Google My Business Listing insights

Google offers a different way for businesses to understand how customers interact with business listings, including:

  • How people can find your list
  • Where customers find you on Google.
  • Customer actions.
  • Direction requests.
  • Phone calls.
  • Pictures.

How customer Find Your Listing

The section of statistics shows you how to find customers in a “live” search. The analytics shows that who searched for your business name or address.

Where Customers find you on Google

place your cursor over the appropriate part of the graph on the analytics on the day you are interested in seeing how many people found you on a particular product in a specific day,

Customer Actions

The customer action shows what customers did when they found your listing on Google. Total Actions provides the entire different types of actions customers have taken in your list like Visit your website, Order directions, call you, View images.

Direction Requests

This type of Insight uses a map to show where people ask for directions for your Business. Your Business is located on the map, and some of the most popular places people ask for directions to your Business are shown.

Phone Calls

This section describes when and how many customers contacted your Business through your Google listing. At the top, Total Calls option provides the total number of phone calls for the selected time frame.

The chart provides the ability to view trends by phone calls by any day of the week or time of day. This allows marketers and business operators to know the possible time to contact customers after looking at your Google My Business list.


You can check how often your business photos are shown using the “Image Views” graph and the “Image Quantity” graph. There are also lines on the charts that compare your business photo data with that of other businesses similar to your Business.

This reporting component section includes Total owner photos, Views photo owner, Total customer photos, Customer opinions picture.

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